Ja Rule

Parce que les affaires de 50 marchent plus trop, j’imagine que Ja Rule a décidé de faire son comeback.
Au moins il a décidé de ne plus chanter.

Ja Rule Ft. Lil Wayne – Uh Oh


18 Responses to “JA RULE EST DE RETOUR !”

  1. Stevie B Says:

    ”Ja” hé rendu buff hein !

  2. letycia Says:


  3. jessica Says:

    ja rule cest le meilleur on cen criss de ce ke vous pouvez penser

  4. rinor Says:

    hallo great photo

  5. er akies mc Says:

    yehaaa la ostia je tule haber si un dia te bienes para madrid koño jjejej

  6. paige chisholm Says:

    hey i would just like to say u are so HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lots of love paige xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Tara Says:

    you are sooo fine. baby its you body. I CANT COMPLAIN. CAN I TOUCH YOUR BODY. LOVE YOUR NEW ALBUM. IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN….


  8. GirliePooh Says:

    This my baby OOOOOOOHHH! Dont he look good as hell. I dont care what no one say Im ya biggest fan FUCK 50!

  9. Eriyelle Says:

    Just wanted to say between Ja and Lil Wayne I am in heaven I love every inch of them both and I mean that literally!!! are there any Ja look a likes that can add up if so FIND ME PLEASE!!!!!!!

  10. letiquette Says:

    Jeune L looks like him a lot.

  11. brittany thaxton Says:

    i love you so much and i love your soinger so much

  12. Maria McLeod Says:


  13. Ray Says:


  14. sarah Says:

    ur body is so hot i love it . i would love to fuck u

  15. Arnitrice M. Says:

    hello Mr.Man I was wondering if I could use your picture in an school article

  16. alexander Says:

    Am your biggest fan in Nigeria and will luv to have something from you.You are the best.Keep it up

  17. evelyn Says:

    oi tudo bem com vc lindo

  18. Ja rule going to prison for 2 years | Celebrity Gossip Says:

    […] Photo from Pagettemusic […]

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