Kanye West – Graduation


(Via From Jesus Piece to Polo Fleece) Ca va etre ca l’album ca l’air.

1. “Good Morning”

Has a sweeping and majestic sound to it. Article seems to suggest that there are strings. Not clear whether this is considered to be an “Intro” or one of the twelve tracks.

2. “The Good Life”

Produced by Toomp, Samples MJ (PYT). Featuring T-Pain. Also has Jon Brion strings on it according to the journalist.

3. “I Wonder”

Kanye’s favorite song (though he says that all the new songs are his favorite). In the song he provides advice on life (from another interview).

4. “Homecoming”

Featuring either Chris Martin or John Legend. Has a really beautiful piano sound. Reminiscent of Kanye’s sound on the Dropout.

5. “….?”

Unknown track title. The beat, again, has an 80s feel to it.

6. “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”

7. “Drunk Hot Girls”

Kanye says it will be your favorite song after you listen to it 4 or 5 times, and that, at first, you will be thinking, I’ve never heard anything quite like that.

8. “Here We Go Again”

Features scratches and co-production from DJ Premier.

9. “Stronger”

10. “(The Glory)”

The song is not mentioned in the article, but we have enough reason to believe it is on the album somewhere, and I’m just placing it here, though there is NO info to suggest it should be.

11. “….?”

12. “Good Night”

Featuring Mos Def. Song is about his grandparents and was written the day they both died. His grandfather died in the morning, and he asked his grandmother how she was going to go on after his death, and how she was going to live without him. A few hours later, she died. According to the article, the way he told this story was very moving, and the song itself is brilliant, as is the whole album.


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