Aw Shiet.


J’adore hater Aoki. C’est pas qu’il est pas bon…y est vraiment over-raté comme DJ, pis je catche juste pas l’engouement extrême que le monde a pour lui…mais j’imagine que y est un bon business man pour être là ou il est. Over-hypé.

Mais je veux pas trop hater non plus, car cette track (surement dessus son futur album), est pas mauvaise du tout.

Hey, je demande juste à me faire prouver le contraire!

Steve Aoki & Junkie XL – 1967 Awww Shit


4 Responses to “Aw Shiet.”

  1. Vincent Says:

    Bof, pas trop businessman. Le bonhomme a eu un bon coup de pouce de la part de son papa milliardaire. Donc, pas mal de gens (djs ou non) pourraient être en mesure d’être hypé. Mais bon, il est quand même capable de rester dans le “spotlight” quand même.

  2. mao Says:

    yes ma…did you ever go to the deli and order some sliced deli meats? Frequently, the deli meat is in a roll that is then sliced for your order. The deli meat is in a “casing”. The casing is sometimes some edible rubbery stuff. Anywayz, one day after eating some fresh deli meats, I had an upset stomach. I went to take a crap and noticed something ticklish in my butthole. I pulled on it with my two fingers. Basically, it was like pulling a ribbon out of my ass. The deli casing was undigested by my gut. It was like a paper string covered with feces. Hope you like this posting!Note – The cheapest option is shaving your head with an actual net saving due to no expense for shampoos, conditioners, combs, brushes, or hair stylist. Of course, with this option you get no hair. Note: My Feet smell like rotting garbage in the summertime. Also, after intercourse, we throw each other’s underwear at each other in reward for a job well done. In college, there was a girl known as the “Shitter”. During anal intercourse, she shat all over the sheets. It was a mix of b.m. and blood. Apparently, during anal penetration she bled. That’s how AIDS gets transmitted, so I’m told. A variety of shit comes out of different assholes. I get boners for men. Waxmen. Waxwings. Earwig. Only For The Weak.

  3. letiquette Says:

    Sweeet comment.

  4. Газета интернет объявлений Says:

    Привет! Видел твой блог давно не работал, а теперь смотрю пашет 24\7\365 🙂 с возвращением, кстати не подскажешь что это у тебя за хостинг?
    Спасибо, надеюсь ответишь 🙂

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